Saturday, 19 September 2015

Git - Pre commit hook script for PHP & Drupal


I think, most of you know about Git repository's support for hooks. One of those hooks is pre-commit, which will be called before whenever a commit is been made. So I have created one Git pre-commit hook script specifically for PHP & Drupal 7 (Can be customized for your purpose as well) git repository. You can fork or download it from manojapare/pre-commit


  1. PHP Code Sniffer (phpcs).
  2. Coder module - Drupal code sniffer standard.


For using this hook script just copy/download the script file to your git repository hooks folder that is in .git/hooks/. Don't forget to give executable permission for the script file.


Whenever a git commit is been performed, pre-commit hook script will be executed by git inbuilt hook support. The above script does syntax check, any debugging function, merge conflict tags as well as looks for coding standard in the changes staged to commit (which is a bad practice). In any case, the commit operation will be aborted and can be committed after doing corrections or removing the debugging function xfrom the code.
In case you want to force commit with any debugging functions (not recommended) you can do it by using the git command option -n OR --no-verify.

Syntax check

Syntax check is been performed using php -l command for each php files (file with extensions 'php, inc and module').

Check for debugging functions

Checking for debugging function is been performed using git diff command only to files staged to commit and in turn only to added/modified changes.
List of debugging functions included for checking are: dpm, dpq, dvm, ddebug_backtrace, print_r, var_dump, debug_backtrace, console.log. First 4 functions are of Drupal devel module, later 3 are of php and last one is of javascript.

Merge conflict marker check

Merge conflict marker check is been performed to all files staged to commit using egrep pattern "(<<<<|====|>>>>)+.*(\n)?".

Coding standard check

Checks for coding standard issues using phpcs with arguments:
  1. standard = Drupal
  2. extensions = 'php,module,inc,install,test,profile,theme,js,css,info,txt'


For better performance of the script, we have excluded the checking of files with following extensions: 'info, png, gif, jpg, ico, patch, htaccess, sh, ttf, woff, eot, svg'. Also excluded files residing in the following directories: 'features, contrib, devel, libraries'.

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